Air Quality Test

Air Quality Test

Don’t skip importance of  Air Quality Test

Indoor air pollutants can cause major health complications, especially for those who are already at risk for lung cancer. People with asthma may also see worsened symptoms. Symptoms of poor air quality include nasal irritation, scratchy throat, headaches, nausea, and fatigue. The effects can mimic those of allergies, colds, and viruses.

Indoor air quality testing helps find the cause of symptoms people are experiencing in the home or office. Poor air quality has a wide range of effects. Regular testing can minimize them by allowing you to take action on specific issues.

We can check for you level of:

–  PM 1.0 – the level of particulate matter in the air that’s less than 1.0 microns. Particulates which are less than 1 micron are usually viruses and bacteria, metal fume, smoke and smog. 

–  PM 2.5 – the level of particulate matter in the air that’s less than 2.5 microns ( smoke combustion particles from engines that are running, candles that are burning etc) 

–  PM 10 – the level of particulate matter in the air that’s bigger than 10 microns. That would be dust, pollen and mold which usually the main allergens and can be a reason for your allergic sinusitis. 

–  HCHO or HC2O – the level of formaldehyde in the air which is commonly found in building materials, furniture, household products as well as preservatives. Exposure of formaldehyde can cause irritation to your eyes, skin, nose, throat and lungs. 

–  TVOC – the level of total volatile organic compounds. These are gasses or vapors coming from chemicals or toxins, cleaning products, pesticides as well as paint. If you smell an odor in your house you can be sure it’s giving off VOCs. 

–  Humidity – the level of humidity. 

–  AQI – air quality index. It gives you a general idea of ​​the air quality inside your house. 


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It makes a difference!  The recommended timeline to clean your ducts is once every few years, especially if anyone suffers from allergies. 


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